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Lyfetrak is a mentor and guide who will hand hold you through the important steps of acquiring a job or fast tracking your career. We can guide you to the right job and help you in identifying and improving your career skills. 

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Resume Builder

A resume is the first touch point between the candidate and the firm and hence is of great importance in the recruitment process. The first impression in any relationship paves the way for future success .

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Skill Assessment

We offer skill tests as self awareness is an important path for growth.Recruitment is a selling process and the company’s need to select candidates that would fit the profile of the job. 

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Career Mentoring

We offer packages which gives you a basket of services that is part of a career mentoring process. Once the skill assessment is done we offer solutions for self improvement in those areas.

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Placement Training

We give training for attending aptitude tests and personal interviews. Experienced counsellors give pertinent suggestions on how to be successful in the recruitment process.

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Short term courses

Where ever it is needed we have short term courses that cater to the needs of the candidate to secure employment. These range from general subject like language to ones in functional areas.  

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Competitive Exams

We also provide training for competitive exams. Any government job as well as many courses require you to undergo competitive exams. We give training for such competitive educational exams as KMAT, CAT as well as others specifically.

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Higher Education

Some job seekers may be looking at joining higher education to improve their chances of landing a suitable job or improving on their present one. We give supportfor doing higher education in India as well as abroad.

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Refresher Courses

These increase the domain knowledge as well as give practical and experiential learning opportunities. It gives executive who want to refresh their memory as well as students who want to improve their grades in certain subjects an opportunity to do so.

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Job Search

We have tie ups with a number of firms for their recruitment process. We do individual recruitment as well as campus interviews and recruitment drives. If a candidate becomes part of our process they are guaranteed a specific number of opportunities.

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For pure hands on experiential learning we also provide internship in our own organisation as well as organisations we have tie up with. The experience and certificate from such internships would help with firms that are on the lookout for inexperienced people

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Screened candidates

We have in our portfolio a profusion of resumes that suits most of the recruitment needs of firms. The resumes are screened and we provide skill tests to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the job. Weare also open to running initial screening tests that our recruitment.

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Skill Specific Training

Basedon the requirements of our clients we are also ready to give skill specifictraining to the candidates to make them more suitable for the position he or she is applying for. We have short terms courses and workshops for such areas as Marketing HR, Finance and general skills. 

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